RentMKE, LLC was founded in 2015 by a husband and wife team of property investors/landlords who were disappointed with the quality of service provided by most other property managers in the Milwaukee area.

The couple had been managing their own rental properties successfully since October 2000 when in the summer of 2012 they decided they wanted to spend more time together as a family and hired a well renown property management company to handle their portfolio. They were stunned to see that despite the high prices they were paying, their tenants were unhappy with the timeliness and quality of the maintenance they received. They also received many complaints about the property management company misplacing their rent payments and intimidating their tenants with threatening letters and unnecessary legal notices.

The couple terminated the contract at the earliest opportunity and then spent the next several months undoing most of the Mickey Mouse fixes including removing the electrical tape that had been wrapped around a P-trap to stop a leak! As time went on and the couple acquired more properties, they again found the need for property management in the summer of 2015. Their experience with their new management company was worse than their experience with the first and they quickly got out of their contract. In November 2015, RentMKE, LLC was created with the mission to provide timely high quality fixes to well screened tenants for an affordable rent.